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INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 4, 2011) – TORC – The Off Road Championship, broke new ground in 2011 with races covering major markets in the Midwest, East and Southern areas of the U.S.  TORC took off-road racing to new heights by conducting races in top consumer hubs such as Chicago, Charlotte and San Antonio.


In 2012 the Series will once again feature the largest spectator attended off-load racing  event in the U.S., Crandon International Raceway in Crandon, WI. The annual Labor Day Weekend World Championship races have been the cornerstone of off-roading since 1970 and were once again met with record attendance in 2011.


“TORC’s mission in 2012 is to build on the solid foundation established with our expansion of racing venues and entering new markets in 2011″  stated Kevin Miller, CEO of USAC Racing. “Our off-road debut in the backyard of the motorsports industry in Charlotte had a very enthusiastic impact which we plan on taking to a new level in 2012″.


The strategy of using established MX facilities was another positive step with new track facilities now in place at Red Bud MX and San Antonio’s Cycle Ranch. The diversity of TORC is evident with the largest short course facilities of Crandon and Bark River combined with prominent MX facilities and growing to major consumer markets with exciting short course tracks that venues such as Chicagoland Speedway and The Dirt Track at Charlotte Motor Speedway present.


In total, there will be 16 rounds of racing over 8 planned 2-day events. The Series released the following dates as firm, as well as three TBD dates as placeholders for teams as final dates are pending at Chicagoland and Charlotte Motor Speedway, where temporary off-road racks share the calendar with other major events including NHRA and WoO races.


TORC will return to Chicagoland Speedway in September where an exciting crowd witnessed great off-road action for the first time. This year’s SPEED broadcast was the only live off-road production on network television in 2011 and showcased the sport to a new level during a prime-time Thursday evening position.


In an effort to give teams timely information for travel and budgeting purposes, the following dates are being release prior to the final schedule, which is expected to be announced by December 1. There are three pending TBD races in discussion, of which only two will be filled. TORC Series officials are working with these venues and are optimizing the schedule based on venue and television opportunities.


The Series will continue to provide innovative programming solutions in 2012 using a combination of live racing action and the reality-driven “TORC-The Of Road Championship” television series which covers the off road’s rich action and capturing the total story of the sport with behind the scenes stories of the drivers, crews, tracks, sponsors and fans. You can capture TORC on The Velocity Channel on Wednesdays at 6pm EST and 11pm PST, as well as Sundays at 12:00pm EST.

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