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The Reno Spring Home & Garden Show, Reno Off-Road & Motorsports Expo, Reno Boat & Recreation Show, Reno Pet Show returns to the Reno Convention Center, April 5, 6, 7, 2013.

Reno Expo
 EXPO 2013 Weekend! Four Great Shows.. One Big Weekend! All Under One Roof for ONLY Just One Ticket! We want to make sure there is something for everyone at this event, so we have packed Expo 2013 with tons of features. Please check them out below and there are still more to come!
The Reno Pet Show
is back by popular demand again this year. You are a live advertisement for your business. You spend money in various media to advertise your business. Now, you get a chance to BE the advertisement. You are there to answer questions and offer a personal touch no other media can give you. With the combination of the Reno Spring Home & Garden Show, the Reno Boat & Recreation Show and the Reno Off-Road Motorsports Expo  all under one roof for ONLY just one ticket you have an incredible attendance just waiting to meet you and your product.
 At the Pet Show you can develop ideas and introduce new concepts.
It’s a Party at the Pet Expo… Live Aussie Kingdom, Pug Parade, Ferret Races, Petting Zoo, Pet Food & Supplies, Pet Shops, Pet Groomers, Bird Supplies & Accessories, Demos & Samples, Rescue Organizations Education Groups, Veterinarians, Pet Trainers & Behaviorists, all of your pets needs and much more.

Call and book your space today! 775 849-8000

Spring home and garden show38th Annual Reno Spring  Home & Garden Show

 The Reno Spring Home & Garden Show is to be held on the same weekend at the Reno Sparks Convention. In an age of fragmented advertising Consumer Shows have never been more important to your business success. If you have not reserved your space yet and location is important to then call today. Prime locations are going fast. Reno’s Original Home Show will be here before you know it.  .
The Reno Boat & Recreation Show
The 46th Annual Reno Boat & Recreation Show is great exposure for your business – your chance to shake hands with and generate new customers!  Take Advantage of this incredible 3-day event to showcase your products, services and business leadership to a dedicated consumer audience. The Reno Boat & Recreation Show will have products for both Summer and Winter adventures including everything needed for an extreme adventure, to a day hiking, or a day on the slopes.
Off-Road & Motorsports Expo

The Off-Road & Motorsports Expo will feature performance vehicles, motorcycles, ATV’s and trail ready jeeps with everything needed to a have a casual trail ride on the weekend and win a race. Trail Rides to benefit the Blue Ribbon Coalition are on Tuesday, April 2 at 8 am. Please contact us if you want to enjoy this fun day before the big event and donate to a good cause.

Our Features


The Aussie Kingdom – 

 The Wonder of Down Under “Bringing the Australian Outback to Life”. The traveling Australian animal show. Interact with kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos, birds and lizards – seeing, touching and hearing the stories behind these captivating creatures.

Aussie Kindom – Live Performances – 3 Times Daily!

See the Fly Fishing Film Tour…


The Fly Fishing Film Tour is a traveling collection of films that aim to inspire and invigorate anglers. Each year it features a collection of new cutting-edge films from independent filmmakers around the globe. The tour focuses on both freshwater and saltwater film shorts. Special Showing…Saturday, April 6, at 7:00 pm in the Travel and Vacation Theater at the Show.
Bass Tubs of Oklahoma
See.. world renown bass fishing expert Chuck Devereaux as he shares and demonstrates his expertise at the 5,000 Gallon mobile aquarium filled with hungry bass and game fish – we will also include native trout. Daily demos will include bass fishing techniques, as well as, demos of lures and favorite fishing equipment.
Pug Parade                

See… The “Pug Parade” Sunday at 2:00 pm. Awards in all classes. Cutest Pug, Fattest Pug, Best Looking Senior, Best Costume, Best Team (two or more), etc.
 Enter your Pug. Pre-registration required. Register on line at
Hotshot the Robot 

Every morning when the show opens your guest will be greeted by Hotshot the Robot our “Living Robot”. This is a rare opportunity to meet and talk to your Reno Host.  Hotshot is a human-sized robotic mechanism that seeks out those who wish to be entertained. He is continually seeking out the human experience from playing music, giving hugs, providing interviews, spraying water mists on over=heated crowds and having robotic dance-offs with the likes of Yo-Gabba-Gabba.   Along with “Bobbie the Boat” from the Department of Wildlife. It would not be  Boat Show without our Bobbie.
Performing Live  – Joseph Greco               
Now on GOLDENWINGS RECORDS  Songwriter and Vocal Artist of the Year!
What The Fans Say… Joseph’s singing and stage performance are captivating audiences of all ages from seniors to toddlers, he is turning heads and drawing crowds as he performs live with his unique voice and talent at many events. Some believe its a recording and not live!
Please give us a call so that we can take care of your booth selection in any of the shows. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
The Staff at
Lockett Shows

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