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The General Tire Mint 400, presented by Polaris a Bust for Brandon Arthur

Brandon Arthur pic oneLas Vegas, NV

Brandon Arthur earned a 1400 Class Championship in 2012, his first full season as driver of record but stepping up to the major leagues in his HRT Motorsports built Pro Traffic, Competitive Metals, Rigid Industries Trick Truck is a completely new challenge. He is now racing against seasoned veterans with deep pockets. It’s not easy competing against the best but Brandon is willing to do whatever it takes to establish himself in the unlimited truck field. Brandon draws on knowledge from his father Todd, veteran team member Donny Kerr and co-driver Brian Busby but much of his success is due to his own hands on efforts. Brandon Aurthur image 1

Coming into The General Tire Mint 400, presented by Polaris the plan was to stay out of trouble, get a decent qualifying position and come away with a good finish at the legendary race. They qualified in the 32nd position, which put them about mid-pack in the unlimited field. When the green flag dropped on raceday, he made great progress right from the start. After just one lap, he and co-rider Brian Busby were running with the lead pack in the 13th spot. The top trucks were setting a blistering pace that soon took a toll on many.

Brandon’s plan to run smart was going well until the motor started to push oil out the exhaust. “The FOX shocks were working perfectly and we had no flats to our BFGoodrich tires but the engine was getting worse,” said Todd, “I got in the truck after the second lap and the motor dropped one cylinder and then another.”Brandon Aurthur image 2

The truck was running on only six cylinders when it was decided to save what was left of the engine. “We planned to play it safe but it didn’t work out,” said Brandon Arthur, “The course was rough and super dusty but we had a great truck until the engine problem. I will tear the motor down and figure out what went wrong.” Brandon is a talented mechanic who competes in Skills USA automotive competition. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Brandon won the regional series and now moves on to the state finals. “Brandon’s Skills competition will force him to miss the HDRA race in Ridgecrest but his mechanical abilities will pay the bills more than truck racing might,” says Todd. Brandon will be back in the dirt July 12-14 at the Reno 500 in Reno, Nevada, a double points race. He hopes to make a good showing there to score maximum points towards the HDRA season championship.Brandon Aurthur image 3

About Brandon Arthur
Brandon Arthur is one of the most exciting young drivers in off-road. At only 16, he has achieved more than some do in a lifetime. Not only does he have two championships and rookie of the year honors but he is an accomplished fabricator and mechanic as well. Just three weeks after earning his driver’s license, he took an overall win in his self-built Ford, F-150 race truck. Brandon took the F-150 to a Championship in 2012. Brandon will be competing in the HDRA, Open Truck class in 2013. His classic, bright yellow F-150 was a fan favorite due to its distinctive V8 snarl and high flying attitude. His new, 750 horsepower unlimited truck will take Brandon to a whole new level. In its debut, Brandon ran away from his competition; taking its first victory of many to come. Visit for more information.

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