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Sam Berri Racing Parker 425

Sam Berri VORRAJAN 31 – FEB 2, 2013

“Best in The Desert” season opener, Parker 425, 2013 is not the way Team Margarita wanted to start out the year. Sam and Don had made a few changes to the motor which turned out to work great. Sam, Bob, Don and Ellen made their way to Barstow to test the car where they made a few more minor adjustments which improved the car’s performance. The time trials turned out to be a long day as there were approx 70 cars competed out of the 90 cars that registered for the qualifying. Sam had a good run, being careful not to have an incident as several other cars ahead of him did, rollovers and other assorted crashes. He was able to secure the eighth spot, second car off the line for the Parker 425. During Sam’s time trial run, several photographers captured Sam at one of the main jumps where his car flew higher and further than anyone else. Sam and Team Margarita proceeded to the Downtown Show and Shine in the heart of Parker. Fans could get up close and personal with the drivers and cars.

Race day came with great expectations and beautiful weather. Sam left the starting line with all the Team Margarita in place. Don and Ellen were at Pit 2 awaiting Sam’s arrival. Bob, Alex and Lou were at Main Pit. Midway, Pit 3 had Lil Don and Garland, the announcer for VORRA for many years who came to lend a hand as Team Margarita ran a little short on man power at this race. Sam was looking good when he passed through midway, Lil Don and Garland gave him thumbs up as he went by. Only a minute after he passed, our first disaster struck, Sam’s right axle broke and left him stranded along side of the track. Sam does carry a spare axle on the car but he needed a tow back to midway by a BITD official. Once they got that accomplished Sam, Lil Don and Garland went to work changing the axle on the car. Garland and Lil Don were fantastic helping Sam in changing the axle. After finishing that job, Sam was on his way again. He looked great going through Pit 2 with Don and Ellen, and also again through midway. Approximately 10 miles away from Main Pit Sam called in saying he lost the CV. This was going to be more than just a CV because it had destroyed the splines on the axle too. Sam was able to get a tow out of the desert from a BITD official, where Lou, Bob and Alex began repairs putting in a new axle and 2 CVs on the right side. Sam headed out on his second lap and it seemed as if every was going great. He went past midway, got a wave from Don and Ellen at Check 2, got another wave at Check 3 from Lil Don and Garland, just as he was making a turn into Check 4 which is no man’s land, where we didn’t have anyone there the main shaft in the transmission broke. This is where Sam sat for the next eight hours as no one can go in or out until the race was over. We would like to thank the Tom Woods crew for taking care of Sam at Pit 4. We would also like to thank the G & R Racing team for hauling Sam’s car out from Pit 4 after the race was over. Also thank you to Good Year as Sam had no flats for the two hundred and ten miles he drove. Thank you to all of the sponsors who help keep Sam and Team Margarita on the track. P.S. Sam is doing a full assessment of the power train parts to hopefully avert this from happening at The Mint 400. Follow us there!

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