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R&D Motorsports Heads to the Legendary Mint 400

r_d_redgum02 1R&D Motorsports is just days away from participating in one of the most coveted races there is among off road racers, the Mint 400.  R&D Motorsports is kicking off the weekend along with 50 other chosen top level race teams with a parade down the infamous Las Vegas strip for what is projected to be a monumental moment in the sport of off-road racing.  The very next day Trophy Truck 26 will switch roles from shined up parade display vehicle to an all out war machine.  Unlike many other desert races, the Mint 400 offers the drivers a chance to qualify for starting position and test their luck against 70 other unlimited vehicles for the chance to become named the top qualifier.  Jay Reichert will pilot the number 26 trophy truck through a projected seven mile course and give the Kroyer power plant everything it’s got in order to capture that elusive number one starting position.  Although nobody really knows the exact course details until the day of qualifying, R&D Motorsports has been planning for this day for a very long time and is fully prepared to take top honors. 

The Mint 400 won’t be an easy task, but for R&D Motorsports it’s Jay Reichert and Charles Dorrance who will be leading the charge.  Reichert and Dorrance will be competing in two different classes; class 2000 which will take place in the early morning on Saturday and the unlimited Trophy Truck which will take place just after high noon on Saturday as well.  Running two completely different classes will give R&D Motorsports an advantage in more ways than one.  At the Mint 400 competitors do not have the opportunity to pre-run the racecourse, once the green flag drops it’s go time.  Competing in the morning race against all of the rest of the limited classes, R&D Motorsports will utilize that time to get to know this years Mint course and get a feel for how fast they can really push Trophy Truck 26 in the afternoon.

“We’re in it to win it.  We have put the very best products on the number 26 Trophy Truck and have no intentions of doing anything but taking our Jimco to the top.  We choose to represent these products and companies because they actually work, they don’t just work but they are the very best products that someone can use”, commented Reichert.  Reichert will be the first driver take the wheel of the number 26 Trophy Truck and will hand the truck over to Charles Dorrance half way through the race and anxiously wait for him at the finish line. With a perfect mixture of luck and risk the duo of Reichert and Dorrance can meticulously pick apart the competition.

You wouldn’t think that a couple good ole’ boys from Austin Texas would want anything to do with the dirt and heat of Las Vegas Nevada, but this is the Mint 400, it’s unlike anything else you can do anywhere else in the world.  As an off road racer if there are two races you want to win in your career; one is the Baja 1000 and one is the Mint 400.  With a Baja 1000 class victory in the record books, R&D Motorsports will take the War Machine to battle and fight the ultimate fight; the Mint 400.

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