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R&D Motorsports Heads to the 45th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 500

rd-motorsports 1 headerNicknamed The War Machine, the Jimco Trophy Truck #26 of Jay Reichert and Charles Dorrance prepare to do battle against 250 of the best off-road racers in the world, in a 501-mile loop through the harsh terrain of Baja, California.

Competitors from 15 countries and 22+ different states will gather in Ensenada, Mexico, for what is slated to be one of the toughest races in the series.  The 2013 SCORE series saw a great change with new ownership and outlook on the SCORE Baja series.  These changes have brought significant developments for 2013.  One of the most interesting and perhaps entertaining is the addition of a timed qualifying to determine starting positions.  R&D Motorsports qualifying driver Charles Dorrance will wheel the War Machine at full tilt through the short qualifying course on the outskirts of Ojos Negros.

jay_reichert_R_D_motorsports_mint_400_03 2“We have never had a truck that has worked this well.  Trophy Truck #26 is dialed in better than it has ever been, and is faster than ever.  We have put in a ton of testing time, and are very confident in The War Machine.  We are really looking forward to going down to Mexico and taking on some of the best racers in the world,” commented Jay Reichert.

Due to the fatigue factor that is inherently associated with racing in Baja, R&D Motorsports has allied itself with Cool Shirt Systems, an innovative cooling system designed for internal body temperature management for motorsport applications.  Edge Products will also be on board with R&D Motorsports’ entire fleet of diesel chase trucks.  Along with Cool Shirt Systems and Edge, The War Machine will be lubricated with Royal Purple Synthetic Oils.  This will ensure that Trophy Truck #26 makes it back to Ensenada after 501 of the worlds toughest miles, and lives to fight another day.

r_d_motorsports_baja_500_prerun_mad_media 3Follow Trophy Truck #26 live, beginning at 10:30am PST at or

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