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Of Monsters And Dwarves: Trophy Truck Assembly And Trabi Racing With All German Motorsports

AGM1You’ve already read all about the Baja 500 here. At All German Motorsports the work on our AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck is going smoothly and on schedule. We pulled the car apart and checked every piece. All parts and components are in tip-top condition, there is not one crack or any other signs of wear and tear. We will leave the design and material of the wishbone that threw us out of contention at the Baja 500 as it is. Our team boss Martin Christensen and Mike Julson from Jimco are currently just looking at whether we could possibly weld both sides instead of just one. The only change on the car is that the heat radiation from the exhaust into the cockpit is too much. We need to do something about this. I prefer a Finnish sauna rather than baking in the Mexican desert …

Aside from the preparations to the Trophy Truck our boys at AGM have built a fabulous show truck. It’s an authentic life-size AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck. And it looks awesome with its length of 540 cm, 230 cm width and 180 cm height. You have to imagine, our truck rolls on 37 inch BF Goodrich special tyres! Everything on our show truck – except the engine and gearbox dummy as well as electrics – is 1:1 our desert monster. The show truck is a great crowd-puller. At the moment it’s at STAND 21 in Dijon, France. STAND 21 is our partner in safety and comfort when it comes to helmets, overalls, undergarments, the HANS Head and Neck Support system and much, much more. Yves Morizot and his staff are a truly strong team in safety and service just the best partners we can imagine in this field.

Our AGM Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy show truck can be leased for events. We are happy to arrange the transport and display. For anyone who is interested: Our people will get right back to you and will arrange all the details.

AGM2Then I have a short yarn about another adventure to share with you: On the second weekend in June I competed for the German TV station Kabel 1 “Adventure Auto” team in the eight hour Trabi race in Pausa, a town with 4,000 residents west of Sachsen. It was unbelievable fun. You might not be familiar with the “Trabi” – it was the major selling car in the former eastern “German Democratic Republic”.Well, more or less the only car you could by in the communist part of Germany. The Trabis – well, they had 26 horsepower, that’s half the output of the starter motor of our Trophy Truck. The tyres were a little smaller too at 13 inches, the regulations stipulate a tread of 1.6 millimetres. The race track was 2.3 kilometres long and most of it led over grass and gravel. My teammates were German rally driver Mark Wallenwein, the editor Martin Löser and Michael Gugemos from Bavaria – a fan who won the fight for the cockpit against two fellow work colleagues. 79 cars finished the eight hour race, with the 200 Puls II team winning with an average of 28.99 kph. I haven’t the faintest idea where we finished. But it didn’t matter. What I take away with me from Pausa is the memory of the incredibly enthusiastic Trabi fans and the great atmosphere. I want to thank the fans and competitors in Pausa very much. And thank you Kabel 1 for giving me this breathtaking experience!

AGM3Before I sign off, here is some interesting news for Classic fans. This coming weekend I’ll be driving a Mercedes AGM SLS at the Arlberg Klassik as a course car with my wife Petra. My good friend Richard Stolz and the Lech Zuers Tourism are the organisers. We have known each other since the very beginning and in the past I was able to be alongside in the planning and organisation of the event.

This year the outing is described in the brochure as driving with “friends through the breathtaking alpine scenery”. I can vouch for that! But it’s not just a Sunday afternoon drive – it’s also quite a challenge with accuracy and precision in timing as well as speed. In the course car, Petra and I are not competing but we are up against “friendly opposition”. I wish all participants some wonderful weather in a wonderful setting at the Alberg Klassic. All the classic fans along the route I wish lots of fun watching all the incredible cars and listening to some truly voluptuous sounds!

As soon as I have more news I’ll be back here to share it with you.

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