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Nitto’s Nelson Wins Again at 4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix

Glen helen 1SAN BERNARDINO, CA May 28, 2013: Last weekend’s 4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix marked the third annual ULTRA4 race held at Glen Helen Raceway and the second annual win for 2012 Nitto Tire National Champion, Nick Nelson.  It was the largest regional ULTRA4 race to date with 80 cars registering, 66 of which competed in the unlimited 4-wheel drive class known as ULTRA4.

Over the course of two days, drivers competed in a series of qualifying and preliminary races on a 3 mile course filled with hill climbs and tight turns which also featured the Lucas Oil short course at Glen Helen. Ultimately, 66 drivers were narrowed down to the top 40 cars for Saturday’s main event. Many drivers were not only looking for a win but also hoping to earn a coveted qualifying spot in the 2014 Griffin King of The Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire. Only 13 of the 66 drivers registered for the event were already qualified for next year’s race KOH.

Drivers pushed their cars beyond capacity and transmission failures and high temperatures were a common problem for drivers despite the cooler than usual temperatures at Glen Helen. Nitto Tire drivers;  Nick Nelson, Loren Healy and Jason Scherer earned the fastest qualifying times on Friday going into Saturday’s morning prelim races. Nelson and Scherer sailed through the prelims and onto the main event while Healy battled a serpentine belt issue in the prelims that saw him qualifying through the LCQ to earn a 27th starting position in the main.


The main event saw Jason Scherer on the pole position followed by Shannon Campbell, Nick Nelson, Kevin Sacalas and Wayland Campbell in the top 5. After an hour and a half of racing, Scherer and Shannon Campbell had fallen to middle of the pack with mechanical issues while Healy had made his way from 37th into the top 5. Going into the last 15 minutes of racing Nelson held a hefty 2 minute lead over 2nd place Sacalas followed by Wayland Campbell with Loren Healy looking for a way onto the podium. With less than 15 minutes left, Nelson had to change a tire and Sacalas was forced to stop with a broken coolant line. Wayland Campbell charged forward almost taking the lead back from Nelson who was able to return to the track with just enough time to take the checkered.

 Ultimately, 1st would go to returning Glen Helen Champion, Nick Nelson, followed by the youngest ULTRA4 driver to date, Wayland Campbell in 2nd and 3rd place would belong to Nitto Tire’s Loren Healy who fought his way through lap traffic to make it onto the podium.  Healy and W. Campbell swapped their podium positions from the Nor Cal Stampede, which was the first race in the Trail-Gear Western Regional series where Healy finished 2nd and W. Campbell finished 3rd.

 In addition to the ULTRA4 class, 5 Rubicon Express Modified cars and and 10 Pro Comp Stock class cars also competed in Saturday’s races. Shawn Rants, Brandon Heyes and Jeremy Eaton claimed the podium for the modified cars and Kevin Adler, Richard Gauthier and Bailey Cole placed one, two and three respectively in the Stock class on Saturday.

The next race in the 2013 ULTRA4 Trail Gear Western Regional series will be taking place at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele UT July 12th and 13th, and the second race in the ULTRA4 4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series will take June 28th and 29th in Attica, IN. Live coverage will be available for both races at

ULTRA4 4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix Results:

Finish Car Number Driver Laps Qualified for KOH
1st #4404 Nelson, Nick 21 yes
2nd #3 Campbell, Wayland 21
3rd #67 Healy, Loren 21
4th #966 Blanton, Jason 20
5th #4475 Jr.Ferravanti, Gary 20 yes
6th #4427 Russell, Jeff 20
7th #4431 Klensin, Mike 19 yes
8th #4450 Bovich, Dave 19 yes
9th #4466 Van Ortwick, Ivan 19 yes
10th #5 Campbell, Shannon 19
11th #4482 Gomez, JP 19
12th #284 Adams, Jack 19
13th #81 Shirley, Levi 19
14th #219 Wagelaar, Jan 19
15th #697 Ashman, David 19
16th #74 Rager, Matt 18
17th #524 Danzo, Mark 18
18th #818 Badossian, Jack 18
19th #4416 Tilton, Brian 18
20th #4474 Carter, Richie 18
21st #4435 Sacalas, Kevin 17
22nd #4441 Henke, Darren 17
23rd #4775 Hallenbeck, Jake 17
24th #4473 Goegebuer, Brent 17
25th #380 Gilroy, Shane 17
26th #76 Scherer, Jason 17
27th #4411 Hagel, Ryan 17
28th #4444 Pickett, Jason 16
29th #4493 Mclaughlin, Andrew 16
30th #82 Ford, Jeremy 16
31st #4459 Xavier, Keith 16
32nd #602 Patrick, Airen 15
33rd #4480 Phillips, Bill 14
34th #104 Brown, Jim 13
35th #4449 Trebino, Mike 12
36th #4486 Gomez, Marcos 11
37th #4481 Hardaway, Alex 9
38th #4531 Rants, Shawn 7
39th #80 Flores, TJ 5
40th #742 Anderson, Larry 4
Rubicon Express Modified Results:
Finish Car Number Driver Name Laps Behind Leader



Shawn Rants




Brandon Heyes





Jeremy Eaton




Wayne Hartwig




Shad Kennedy


Pro Comp Stock Class
Finish Car Number Driver Name laps Behind Leader



Kevin Adler




Richard Gauthier





Bailey Cole




Andy Glenn




Brian Behrend




Robert Kobal




Mel Wade




Albert Contreras




Bret Scheiding




MetalCloak is the title sponsor for the ULTRA4 MetalCloak Nor Cal Stampede
Trail Gear is the ULTRA4 West Coast Series Sponsor

Nitto Tire is the ULTRA4 National Series Sponsor

Official Sponsors of ULTRA4 Racing also include:

4 Wheel Parts
ATX Wheels

Blue Torch Fabworks

Corona Motorsports Rental
Dynomax Exhaust

GenRight Off Road

Griffin Radiator
Impact by Mastercraft Safety


King Shocks

Lucas Oil
Miller Welding

Nitto Tire

Posion Spyder
Rubicon Express
Trail Gear


ONE OF THE FASTEST GROWING MOTORSPORTs IN THE US – ULTRA4 RACING  ULTRA4 racing began in 2007 with a dozen friends competing for bragging rights.  Six years later, more than 350 cars compete nationally and internationally in ULTRA4 races.  In 2013, races in the United States will be held in the following states: Utah, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Arkansas, California and Texas. Additionally, the 2nd annual ULTRA4 sanctioned King of the Valleys race will be taking place this August in Wales, UK.



ULTRA4 is a vehicle type, class and series.  ULTRA4Racing was born from the popularity of the annual Griffin King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire, considered to be the toughest one-day off-road race. The vehicles are unlimited four-wheel drive, capable of competing in multiple racing disciplines – extreme rock crawling, high-speed desert racing and short course.  In six years, the sport has grown significantly from the inaugural King of the Hammers to an eight race national series including a National Championship. ULTRA4 Racing is managed by Hammerking Productions located in Lake Arrowhead, CA.  To learn more, log on to

Media Contact:

Shannon Welch – Shannon@ultra4racing.com949.295.2676

Communications Director

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