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New Staun Internal Beadlock II’s Are Here!

BeadlockBrochure3withCUTAWAYRGB-Troy.173542Staun Internal Beadlocks, now made in the USA by Coyote Enterprises, are here. It’s as simple as steps #1, #2, #3 (see picture) how they do more than meets the eye in protecting your tires and wheels. Click this link Beadlock Brochure to see why the Staun II’s, by Coyote Enterprises are superior to the original Stauns.

We are taking orders for part number CEB1779-4. That will fit all 17 inch diameter wheels from seven to nine inches wide and all 10 inch wide applications with tires greater than 36 inches in diameter. Call or email for pricing and to place your orders.

CEB15710-4 and CEB16710-4 will be available by the third week in May. The Staun automatic tire deflators are in stock and awaiting your orders.

Thanks so much for hanging in there with us. We feel the rough times are behind us and we are looking forward to our mutual successes. Like us on Facebook and look for our web site,, to be up soon!

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