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MINT 400 Rockstar Racing Race Report

ROCKSTAR RACING IMAGE 1We began our MINT adventure with brand new Muzzy duel exhaust, freshly serviced Gorilla Axles,  and a new Dragonfire Pyro Pac computer. The car sounded great and was re-pepped! We arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday and thanks to Bulldog Lighting, we had a hotel room at the 4 Queens. We walked Freemont street and got visit with many fellow racers and share some stories and some beers. On Friday at tech, Bulldog Lighting showed up with 2 4″ led lights for the front of the car! New exhaust, new ignition, and now new lights! We couldn’t have been more ready. Walking through tech with the car I heard of lot of compliments on how awesome the car looked! I was walking back to the car with my contingency stickers when Mad Media grabbed me asked me to do an impromptu interview! Super exciting for me! Got that done and went through tech without any issues. After tech we stopped by Rugged Radio and had them tune up our communications. Thank you guys for all the hard work. The radio worked perfectly!
We got up at an ungodly hour on Saturday morning for race day. We lined up not only behind the pro UTV’s but also behind the Jeep Speeds. My Polaris RZR 800 lined up with all Can Am 1000’s, a Polaris 900, and a R1 Rhino. The cards were definitely stacked against us! We took off the start and navigated cautiously around the first s turns. Didn’t want to blow it right off the bat! The 900 we lined up with beat us through the turns, but we caught him quickly in the rocky trail ahead and passed him with ease. As we went on we passed several of the Can ROCKSTAR RACING IMAGE 2Am’s and several other cars off the track. We came to the first pit for a splash of fuel and they found we had a flat.We have been racing with the same 12 GBC Dirt Commanders for 2 years and this is the very first time we have had a cut tire! Couldn’t imagine racing without them on our team! Our crew had some issues changing the tire, but remained calm and got us back out with out being passed. We finished the 1st lap close to being in the top 10 of all the UTV’s. We pushed hard and the course was brutal on the 2nd lap. The silt beds were deeper than my tires and the rocks were bigger and closer together! We had no issues and sped through the last pit 3rd in class. Crossing the dry lake bed, we spotted the 1st place sportsman Can Am off the track and the driver out. Somewhere else the R1 has also pulled of the track. We were 1st in class with 20 miles to go! My co-driver pushed me hard and we crossed the finish line 1st in class and 6th overall!
Thank you to my husband, Eric, for building me a strong reliable, fast, and awesome looking car! Thanks to Preston, my co-driver for keeping me on track and pushing me to be faster. Thank you to my son, Trevor and the rest of my family, friends and fans for your support. We could not do this without you!
ROCKSTAR-RACING-Special thanks to my sponsors: Bulldog Lighting (thanks for the room and awesome new lights!), Muzzy Racing ( the new dual exhaust rocks!), Rugged Radio ( thanks for taking the time to get us tuned up!), GBC Tires (years of durable reliability!), Tire Balls (keeping our tires inflated for 2 years!), AO Cooler( the beers are always cold!), Hot Rods, Spy, Queen Racing(thanks for all your advice!), All Coat Powdercoat (my car always looks awesome!), WebCam Racing Cams( the cams are awesome, but my favorite is my pink sparkly stickers!), UTV Underground ( for all you do for our sport!), ShiftUp Motorsports (sorry we didn’t get to meet you!), American Outdoor Productions ( can’t wait to see the video!), Parker Oil ( love seeing you cheer us on!), AZ West (ball joints at the last minute and always a good deal!), Dragonfire Racing (Thanks for all your continues support!).
Thanks to Mad Media for all the attention to our team and all the UTV’s! Can’t wait to see the footage!
Eric and Lacrecia Beurrier
Rockstar Custom Motorsports

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