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La Paz Racing Takes on The Mint 400

2013 Mint 400 RaceComing off their class victory at the Best In The Desert Blue Water Parker 425, La Paz Racing headed to Las Vegas Nevada for the General Tire Mint 400.  The Mint 400 is one of those races that are not to be taken lightly, it’s an all out war zone and teams are lucky if they even make it to the finish.  Not only is the competition stiff but the Mint 400 course itself takes no prisoners.

Right out of the gate the La Paz Racing Ford F-250 had all of the chips stacked against them.  Due to a faulty wiring connection related to the mandatory tracking system, driver Tim Casey and navigator Bill Rante were forced to trace the problem down in the main pit area while fellow competitors left the starting line.  After nearly thirteen minutes of searching and troubleshooting, Casey and Rante were at the starting line and ready to take the green flag.  As if the Mint 400 wasn’t hard enough, things just got a whole lot more difficult for the La Paz Racing #8108. Tim Casey the mint 400 image 2

Giving it their all, Casey and Rante put the hammer down and pushed as hard as they absolutely could in order to make up the time lost at the starting line. Within the first 100-miles, they were able to run down the Lexus of Joe Bacal and start charging forward in order to pick off the next competitor. As Casey continued to push the La Paz Racing Ford F-250, he would find himself running as fast as he could in the tight technical rocky parts and push the limits in the smoother faster sections.Tim Casey the mint 400 image 3
We knew we had to make up some time after missing our scheduled start time and I had no choice but to push harder than normal in order to catch those guys”, said Casey.

After running down all of the competition, the La Paz Cocktail Mix Ford F-250 #8108 collected a first place finish at the 2013, Mint 400. Casey and Rante covered the distance in 6 hours and 58 minutes.

2013_mint_400_race_04Although the La Paz Racing F-250 didn’t get the start it wanted, Tim Casey and crew made sure that they got the finish that they all came for.  Casey went on to say, “We sponsored spectator area #2 because we wanted the fans to be able to experience The Mint 400 to the fullest.  I know that this La Paz Racing crew has experienced the Mint 400 and now it’s time to go celebrate with our friends, family and the fans in spectator area #2… Cheers”.

Stay tuned as the La Paz Racing crew prepares for its next adventure at the Best In The Desert Silverstate 300 on May 3rd-5th

La Paz Racing would like to thank the following companies that help make racing possible:

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