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Jonathan Brenthel Lands on his wheels and on the Podium at SCORE San Felipe 250

13score_sf250_brenthel01v2San Felipe, Baja California
Jonathan Brenthel, with Brother Jordan navigating, finished on the podium in second place at the Mastercraft Safety SCORE Tecate San Felipe 250 offroad race in San Felipe Baja Mexico. They covered the San Felipe course in 7:00:31 taking second place by 20 minutes over the third place finisher. Their podium finish was despite some setbacks that occurred early in the race.

They started sixth off the line and made up several spots in the first few miles. The tough San Felipe course is filled with sandy whoops that are made even worse by the Trophy Trucks and unlimited Class One cars who start earlier in the day. They were setting a blistering pace hitting 70 miles per hour through Zoo Road. The power to weight ratio on the Brenthel 7200 allows you to get on top of the whoops while the suspension does its thing.

13score_sf250_brenthel02At mile 42, the power steering pump started to go away. Jonathan tried to adjust, slowing to 60 mph but when they got sideways off a nasty bump, he could not steer into it and he rolled the truck. “The steering was acting up so I couldn’t save it when we got out of shape,” said Jonathan, “Luckily, we landed back on our wheels. I fired the truck up and we took off. We design our chassis to be incredibly strong and make sure nothing vital is mounted outside the cage perimeter. It’s nice to know the chassis works as designed, I just didn’t think I would be testing it during the race.” They didn’t have an opportunity to change the pump when they passed their pit so Jonathan was in for a long day.

13score_sf250_brenthel03“There are so many lines out there you are constantly deciding which one to take,” said Jonathan, “Everyone is looking for traction and trying to stay out of the dust so the tracks wander constantly. I had to let the truck kind of go where it wanted to at times but we found our pace and made it work. The crew did a great job in the pits and Jordan was giving great directions all day pointing out hazards and keeping us going in the right direction.” The two got fooled when an official looking pair flagged them onto a road that was not part of the course but they caught it right away and got right back on track.
The strong finish in San Felipe marks the third podium finish in three races this season by Brenthel Industries built trucks. The Brenthel 7200 chassis can be delivered with a front or rear engine drivetrain and with a two seat or single seat driver’s compartment. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong. The results speak
for themselves. Check out for more information on all the vehicles they build such as: Trophy Trucks, Class 1 cars, 7200 Race trucks, Class 10 cars and incredible prerunners.

Main Photo By: Matt Kartozian
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2nd Photo By: Brian Binkert
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Last Photo By: Jason Zindroski
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Brenthel Industries offers the finest in CAD development, engineering, R&D and fabrication. From ground up vehicles to Desert Racing vehicles such as: Trophy Trucks, Class 1 cars, 7200 Race tucks, Class 4 cars and prerunners. With expanded capabilities in Engineering & Prototyping for Military, Defense, Border Patrol & even displays for outside companies. From start to finish Brenthel Industries takes pride in each and every build.

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