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Jason Scherer Wins The PSC Brawl In Blackwell – Nitto Tire National Championship Race!

Jason P1 at Blackwell(Nov 2012) The final event of the Ultra4 Series brought the top 50 Ultra4 racers from the East and West together for a head to head battle in Blackwell, TX. 4 laps of 44 miles with a mixture of rocks, whoops and high-speed roads with sheer cliffs and tight woods proved to be a perfect venue for the teams ready to do battle; and an epic duel it was!

Capturing the Pole position on Friday by 5 seconds and winning the race might look like it was a simple victory on paper, but the race proved to be far from an easy win. “I felt like I was driving in Hazzard County” said Jason Scherer about the 100 jumps per lap while humming the Dukes of Hazard Waylon Jennings tune.

The race started off with Shannon Campbell who qualified 2nd holding pace until he had a mechanical problem gave Jason a handy lead after the first lap. “Everything was going smoothly and I was taking care of the race car until the engine started misfiring and getting lame, power was down by 50% I didn’t know if I had burned a few plug wires or maybe Tom Allen had put a remote controlled governor on the car so I wouldn’t break it.”

Forced to take a pit at the beginning of the second lap the team couldn’t find a problem. Jason kept going albeit off his normal pace. As he headed into lap 3 the car was so far down on power he was relegated to use low range in his Atlas Transfercase. When the car wouldn’t pull a simple climb fellow Nitto Tire sponsored team owner of Jimmy’s 4×4, Randy Rodd, helped winch Jason’s car up a climb allowing him to make it back the to pit at lap 2.5. The ASR Team then changed 4 clogged fuel injectors…and then went to work on their pit generators that were also having clogged jets…a bad batch of race fuel was wreaking havoc.

The unplanned pit stop and repairs allowed 4 racers to pass. When the car finally got back on the course Jason was 5 miles behind the race leader and had to not only catch him, but pass him and put a 5 minutes gap to make up for the elapsed time of the 30 seconds per car starting order based on the qualifying times. And he was down to a lap and a half to get this done. “I remember getting the call about the situation from the team and thinking sarcastically, oh that’s all I have to do to win …and then I got focused and drove the next 62 miles with the eye of the tiger pushing as hard as I could possibly drive.” And drive he did as he passed lap traffic to catch the leader and extend the gap to eek out a win by mere seconds.

“I’m so happy for everyone that’s worked so hard on this team to enjoy a win this season, it’s been a long rollercoaster of a year but this win makes it worth the effort and gives us so much confidence going into KOH 2013” said Jason about his feelings after the race.

Team ASR would like to thank our great sponsors: Performance Automotive Group- TrailMaster Suspension & OR-Fab, Nitto Tires, Spidertrax Off-Road, FOX Racing, Pacific Fabrication, Wild West Off-Road, Method Race Wheels, PAC Racing Springs, High Angle Driveline, Powertank, ARB, FK-Rod Ends, Fragola Fittings, Boztec, Red Line Oil, Dynomax Exhaust, Mastercraft, Aplinestars, Poly Performance, Warn

Jason Scherer has competed in team sports and individual sports since little league. He has raced BMX, Motocross, Trials Motorcycles, Mountain Bikes, Rock Crawlers, Go Karts and now Rock Racers. He was MVP of De La Salle High School’s baseball team, and also was received the coveted Brother Jerome Award for inspiration and leadership. Jason started Rock Crawling as a family recreation at an early age and has always liked the challenges and the excitement. When competition Rock Crawling events began, Jason jumped at the first opportunity and became a spotter. Jason began building a competition Rock Crawler and finished it in time to run the 2002 CalROCS series. Jason decided after his first season (and win) to move up to the Pro class and has won dozens of races and multiple championships.

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