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GenRight Off-Road Swap Meet Newsletter

Genright 1You Are Not Alone,

Fellow off-roaders from all over Southern California are looking for parts. Spares, replacements, incomlete kits, and adapters are all needed to complete builds, make rigs road legal, or to find that one affordable buy that replace a broken piece.
Everyone has extra parts that they do not need, do not want, and need to get rid of. 
Just like you they have that stack on cardboard in some corner of the garage, or collecting dust out of sight. Every day it sits there, a lump that has already taken up money, time, effort and now sits there taking up space.
It gnaws in the back of your mind that you should get rid of it, sell it, do something to get rid of it and have it stop clogging up your life.
And there are many Jeepers out there just like you.
They want to sell their extra parts and take offs, clear out the garage, and get something they can put on their Jeep.

Genright swap meetThat’s Why They Are Going To The GenRight Sway Meet

We are hosting an offroad part swap meet for enthusiasts to sell their Take Off’s, and buy what they need! Come to the GenRight Off Road headquarters, look through all of the booths to find what you need and buy it at rock bottom prices.

There will be engines, shocks, transmissions, fenders, stock parts, axles, tires, bumpers, anything and everything from Jeeper’s garages, to vendor’s warehouses. Most of it is considered trash by the owners, they have no need for another engine, extra fenders, or the many take offs that come from home builds and professional installations.
Take Off
1 A part taken off a Jeep or other offroad vehicle since it is being replaced by a new offroad component. Perfectly usable and new, the take off is no longer needed after being replaced and is often set aside until sold at the GenRight Swap Meet:
Man I am sure glad I was able to sell my old stock fenders and light take offs at the GenRight Swap Meet

2 A good find amongst bargain offroad part hunters that are looking to get a great price on a quality, usable part they want for their offroad vehicle. Often found at the GenRight Swap Meet.
Wow I can’t believe I got this take off Currie Rock Jock for so cheap!
This is your chance to find the next step of your Jeep build for cheap, and it won’t just be GenRight parts either! Dozens of parts from different manufactures will be at the Meet, some even from our competitors. There are no restrictions on what offroad parts you can buy.
Some of the crazy deals we have seen:
  • Rock Jock 60’s front AND rear for $6,000
  • Engines for hundreds of dollars, brand new
  • Transmissions at half price
  • Blow out steel body armor traded for stock parts (right of the Jeep!)

Or Sell your stuffOr Sell Your Stuff!

For just $10 we’ll give you a full sized parking space (And these aren’t those ‘Compact’ spots) to sell whatever Off Road parts you can haul out here!

Get cash for your parts that have been sitting around in your garage. Imagine the feeling of trading or selling it off, you have cash in your hand, you never need to see that junk again, you have more room in your garage (the wife isn’t bugging you about it).
Then you can pocket the money, find a deal at the Meet, or turn it into something useful that you can actually use!
And if you can sell those parts?
Dump them in our trash containers and never go through the hassle of trying to deal with them again! Give them one last chance, and boot them out if it doesn’t work out!

We’ve Even Got Lunch

We will have a popcorn machine on site as well as a lunch special!

A Hot Dog, Chips, and a drink will all be $3.00.

Then There’s The Raffle

CORVA will be coming down and hosting a raffle at the Swap Meet. Enter for your chance to win some new GenRight Parts and other prizes!
Or come over for swag from boxes of lanyards, hats shirts and other goodies.

hosting a specialWe’ll Also Be Hosting A Special GenRight Discount!

Wear you GenRight T Shirt and receive a 10% discount on ALL GenRight products on purchases over $200. (New product only, does not apply to the take offs).

(If you aren’t wearing one and buy a GenRight T Shirt we’ll STILL give you the discount!)
If you spend over $400 dollars GenRight will give you a 10% discount OR pay for your entry into CORVA!

Why would you want to be a CORVA member?

Besides the awesome offroad events that they hold, CORVA is the organization that keeps our lands free for offroad enthusiasts to use. They are instrumental in protecting OHV land and keeping the roads open so we can go wheeling.
By becoming a member you will show your support for Offroad parks and trails, and keep our hobby alive for everyone and future generations.

Come See The Newest Builds!

We’ll have the famous GenRight show room open for you to browse and see all of the new projects and awesome adventures we have taken, connecting with Jeepers all over the country and participating in events.
The race-car #4485 Vengeance will be on display along with our newest GenRight builds! If you’re lucky, you may even get a tour of the facility and see our newest creation: The worlds best Jeep JK.
GenRight, in 60 days GenRight is build the world’st best JK, building on everything learned in the Jeep YJ Growler we are updating the design with modern improvements for the ultimate offroad machine.
Started on  May 1st the JK will be the first ever build to use IBPs, it will receive a complete overhaul, and be built into the newest, best GenRight Jeep ever.

There Is No Reason…

That you should NOT come to the GenRight Swap Meet! Sell your old stuff for cash, get a great deal on take off parts, or get a discount on new GenRight parts.
Pick up the phone and dial 1-805-584-8635,
Wait as it rings, our young lovely Kelsey or Friendly Fun Sheila will pick up the phone and introduce us as GenRight Off Road.
Tell them you would like to reserve your spot for the GenRight Swap Meet and have plenty to sell or would like directions to the Meet for some awesome deals on take offs!
They’ll ask for your information and take it down for the Swap Meet on Saturday, or give you the directions to our shop.
You’ll say your goodbyes and hang up the phone feeling excited at the prospect of making money and freeing up your space.

We’ll see you there, RSVP on facebook to let us know you are comming and share with your friends!

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