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FST 1After months of testing by Kore Off-Road, the Baja 1000 winner has chosen FST Fuel Filters to solve their injector clogging and filter flow issues.  They’re the only filters on the market with the correct flow, filtration and surface area to support their performance requirements.

Kent Kroeker, owner of Kore Off-Road, said, “”We’ve tried every high-performance fuel filtration system on the market and all have fallen short of our expectations.  The only system that works in all conditions is the FST – for three simple reasons: flow, surface area, and efficiency.  That’s why we trust FST when we subject a $100,000 V-10 Viper motor to the rigors of the Baja 1000.  FST is no-compromise performance.  Period.” As Kroeker prepares for the Baja 500, all the vehicles he builds and races feature FST Fuel Filters.

FST does not build carburetors, fuel injection systems or fuel pumps. We just build the most efficient high performance FUEL FILTERS available. All housings are manufactured from solid billet aluminum – absolutely no castings – are lightweight – extremely compact – and the FloMax filter media is water separating and compatible with gasoline, racing fuels, ethanol and methanol, and the TurboFyner system with diesel, bio-diesel & vegetable oil.

KORE_COMPOSED FST 2The easily replaceable spin-on filters are totally self-contained, requiring no messy and questionable canister cleaning, eliminates cartridge style filter back-flushing and totally eliminates any chance of fuel system contamination. With the spin-on style filter sealing system, there are no housing seals or gaskets to dig out and no gaskets, o-rings or seals to leak or swell.
Applications include: Racing / Agriculture / Street Rods / Off-Road / Street Performance / Work Truck-Fleets / Bio-Diesel / Marine: pleasure boats and (high HP) Off-shore marine racing

FST Performance: / / (407) 323-0122.

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