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Fine Tune Your Radflo Shocks Quickly And Easily With The Radflo External Compression Adjuster.

RadfloCompression Adjuster99B2(Fountain Valley, CA – September 2012) Radflo Suspension Technology is proud to announce the release of our External Compression Adjuster for both 2.0” and 2.5” diameter reservoir shocks.

The Radflo compression adjuster has 26 different clicks of adjustment that allows you to fine tune ride quality and performance like never before. With just your fingertips you can now soften your ride for street use or increase compression for off road use or load carrying. The Radflo compression adjuster is now available for all of our remote reservoir shocks up to 12” of shock travel.

The Radflo compression adjuster can also be added to your existing Radflo reservoir shocks. No matter the terrain, a Radflo shock equipped with an External Compression Adjuster offers effeciency, performance and adjustability like no other.


  • 26 individual adjustment detents allow for precise compression tuning.
  • Compression adjusters can easily be added to existing Radflo shocks
  • Billet aluminum knob with knurled surface for easy adjustment.
  • Made in the USA

For more information, or to place an order, contact Radflo Suspension Technology directly at (714) 965-7828 or via e-mail at

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