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EPA Resignation Signals Change

Trail pac logoAs off-roaders know, the EPA is often at the heart of land closures based on overregulation and abuse of the Endangered Species Act and other such laws.

TPAC believes the following story about the recent resignation of a top EPA official is a signal that the regulatory tide may be changing.

Article on EPA Official Resigning

This story codifies TPAC’s goal to help elect pro-EPA reform and pro-trail candidates to the U.S. Congress with a special focus on 7-8 key senate races. TPAC is already supporting such candidates in MT, NV, and VA.

TPAC needs your continued support so we can weigh into other important races in AZ, NM, MI, WI, and UT.

Donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 today –

Thanks for being engaged on this election cycle.

Don Amador
The Trail PAC

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