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Alumi Craft Pre-Runners Take Top Three Spots At NORRA Mexican 1000

Alu12norra_mex1000_01Baja California, Mexico – The NORRA Mexican 1000 was revived in 2010 to allow people to experience what it was like for the originators of off-road racing. The rally is best known for the Vintage race vehicles that compete in the annual event but there are several other classes that also take part in the epic adventure. Not everyone has a vintage racer capable of the long trek from Mexicali to Cabo, NORRA wanted anyone who wished to experience the history, culture and magnificent scenery in Baja to have a chance to participate. Drivers who own state of the art off-road cars are still able to sit around the fire after a day’s stage and bench race with the icons of our sport.

Three such competitors are Butch Jensen, Rudy Lekar and Ben Schlimme. They finished first, second and third in the Evolution class for buggies with back seats. The three friends all drive Alumi Craft “Grande” pre-runners. These three take regular trips to Baja logging 1200 to 1500 miles per trip at an average speed of 47 miles per hour. That’s right, these guys don’t mess around, in fact Butch finished second overall in the Mexican 1000 this year behind Robby Gordon and Clyde Stacy in Robby’s bright orange Hummer. Butch’s goal is to drive every road on the Baja peninsula before he hangs up his steering wheel. “We are out to have fun,” says Butch, “We don’t want to waste time fixing cars, we usually have too much ground to cover. We love to explore but we also like to go fast. Our Alumi Craft cars give us thousands of miles of trouble-free running. We trust their quality and love their performance. I’ve had plenty of other cars over the years but now, I only buy Alumi Craft.”

Alu12norra_mex1000_03Rudy and Ben also share Butch’s love for the most remote stretches of Baja. They came in fourth and fifth overall in the Mexican 1000. “We had a great time at the rally,” said Rudy, “We finished in Cabo then caught a flight home. We will head back down to pick up the cars this week and race them all the way back. I’m currently driving my second Alumi Craft; I usually buy Butch’s when he gets a new one. Even as a second hand buyer Alumi Craft owner, John Cooley gives me a lot of personal service. He is always there to answer any questions and offer any help when needed. After finishing the NORRA rally all the car needs is a new CV boot and it’s ready to do another 1500 miles.”

Their cars fit nicely in the Evolution class because they are all a product of constant evolution. Alumi Craft is continuously applying the latest technology into everything they build. They are constantly testing and tuning and most importantly, they listen to feedback from their customers. Alumi Craft has a long winning record in competition but they also build the most reliable and best performing prerunners available. Regardless if you are doing course reconnaissance, racing for a trophy or just having a blast with your friends, Alumi Craft is dedicated to providing you with a fun, safe and reliable vehicle that exceeds your expectations.

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About Alumi Craft
Alumi Craft is the premier racecar chassis manufacturer in the off road industry. Crafting cars from lengths of 4130 Chromoly tubing is our specialty. We offer a variety of vehicles to accommodate the professional off road racer to the recreational driver.

For the past three years, Alumi Craft has claimed Three Pro Buggy championships and a Super Buggy Championship in Short Course. The drivers who aided Alumi Craft in achieving the repeat are Rob MacCachren, Chuck Cheek, Cameron Steele and CJ Greaves.

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