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2012 Summer Race Update From DSquared Racing

DSquared(Aug 31 2012) – Summer of 2012 has been a very busy time for the 4441 car including 2 Ultra 4 races, a new wrap highlighting all of our great sponsors, an upgrade on our engine, and very impressive coverage and interviews in the newly released KOH movie, “Rise of the East”.

On July 21st Dsquared competed in the 4 Wheel Parts Grand Prix in San Bernardino, California. The event drew an estimated 2000 spectators and 25 + vendor booths for a day of racing with the Ultra 4 class starting at 7pm that evening. The competitors raced for 2.5 hours continuous around about a 4 mile course with 1stplace going to the team that completed the most laps during the timeframe.

Dsquared held a 7thplace position for about 2 hours of the race and 23 laps but then experienced an issue with the 4 wheel drive linkage and a flat passenger tire. Unfortunately the issues were enough to slow the car down the last 20 minutes of the race, giving us a final position of 22nd out of 47 total competitors.

The finish – combined with the top 10 finish in May, puts the team in 10th place overall in the Western Division of Ultra 4!

On August 18th Dsquared competed in the legendary 538 mile race from Vegas to Reno as part of the Ultra 4 Pro and Best in the Desert Racing Series. The 4441 car lead the Ultra 4 class for a 68 mile stint, just past pit 2, till it encountered failed alternator that required them to pull over to repair the car. A spare alternator was installed, but the malfunction of the original drained all power in both batteries requiring the car to be jump started to regain power. After several hours passed, the car was not able to regain power and was forced to DNF due to time limits in the individual pits.

Prior to the V2R, the 4441 did go in for a face lift of sorts – wrapping the car vs. the traditional panels and sponsor stickers we have used in previous seasons. We have received extremely great feedback on the new wrap, and have included a picture below for all of you to see.

This week the 4441 car is Reno having some changes made to the LS3 engine, boring and stroking as well as a computer upgrade. These changes are not only adding a significant amount of horsepower, but will also allow better performance overall during the race!

The Ultra 4 races and styles of cars continue to evolve from race to race and season to season. The upgrades that Dsquared continues to make on the 4441 car are done so that we can remain competitive and be one of the top contenders in our series. We are proud to say our team has not missed a race in the Pro or Western Division of Ultra 4 this year, and also participated in some Best in the Desert races that were not part of our series – a commitment to race that less than 5% of the other Ultra 4 teams are currently doing. We continue to promote our sponsors at these races, build the fan base, and spread our message to the media.

Lastly, if you have not seen the new KOH movie “Rise of the East” we encourage you to please take the time to see it. In our opinion it is the best one they have put out yet – both from a narrative and cinematography standpoint. We are also pleased that our team & car are featured in it multiple times; including 2 interviews and at least 5-6 extended action shots.

We are very appreciative of our sponsors and everyone that continues to support us. DsquaredRacing would like to thank the following companies for their support: Yukon Gear & Axle, Raceline Wheels, GoodYear, Masterpull, Rugged Radios, DJ Safety, Trent Fabrication, PRP Seats, RCV Performance, ARB,
Artec Industries, MJ Motorsports, and WFO Concepts.

See you at the next race,

Darren & Darlene Henke
Dsquared Racing – #4441

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