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2012 Golf GTI – 8% Better Mileage With Eibach Pro-Kit!

golf_gti_2012_mpg_1Most people install the legendary Eibach Pro-Kit spring set for the obvious performance benefits: sharper cornering, increased steering precision, reduced brake dive and that lower, leaner look.

But as Eibach proved in the latest in a series of scientifically rigorous mileage tests, the 2012 Volkswagen Golf GTI also gained an impressive 8% in highway mpg, improving its efficiency from 32.5 mpg to an amazing 35.1 mpg.

To put that in perspective, that 8% increase would result in a $398-dollar savings over 50,000 miles (assuming a $3.50-per-gallon average gas price). Which means that the Eibach Pro-Kit springs will more than pay for themselves in the first 50,000 miles—and then, considering Eibach’s Million-Mile Warranty, will keep on saving for many years to come.

The lower stance of the Eibach-equipped Golf GTI decreases the frontal area of the already-streamlined machine, and reduces turbulence under the chassis which also adds to aerodynamic drag.

This mileage testing was done under strictly controlled conditions, at a constant cruise-controlled speed, starting at 5 A.M. on a consecutive Saturday and Sunday to eliminate traffic, wind and weather factors. The only modification made to the test-subject Golf GTI was the installation of the Eibach Pro-Kit Springs.

The Eibach-equipped Volkswagen was not just more efficient, of course. Its carefully tuned Pro-Kit springs delivered all their performance and appearance advantages every mile of the way, while still retaining a fluid, comfortable ride. So the lucky driver of a Pro-Kit-Equipped Golf GTI will not only save money—he or she will have a great time doing it.

It’s just what you’ve come to expect from Eibach, the suspension supplier chosen by NASCAR, WRC and Formula One teams around the world: the company inspired by the The Will to Win.

#1 Choice of Motorsport Champions and Automotive Enthusiasts Worldwide!

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