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2,000 Rescues And Counting – SPOT

SPOTbirthdayFor the last five years SPOT has been carried by adventurers, bikers, climbers, and doers around the world as they do what they love most off the grid. This month we are proud to announce that our family of SPOT devices has helped to facilitate 2,000 rescues around the world!

The SOS button has activated first responders, search and rescue teams, and coast guard units in 78 countries when the worst has happened. Like when an Arkansas photographer activated his SPOT after falling 30 feet in a steep ravine in the Ozark National Forrest breaking several bones. Or, just last week, when a helicopter pilot called for help with his SPOT after clipping a power line and crashing in a remote region of Columbia.

We’re celebrating this milestone with a big piece of cake but since we can’t share the sugar with everyone we’re asking the SPOT Nation to celebrate with us in two ways:

-Wherever you roam, go prepared
-Share your adventures with us by showing us your SPOT in the wild

SPOT has got your back in an emergency situation. While the SOS button is there when you need it we would rather you never have to use it. The best adventures start when you’re prepared, because just like Mom said, “it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.”

Be a know-it-all:
Know the area: plan a route and gain a good idea of the geography of the region
Know your gear: buying the coolest new gear might look impressive but if you don’t know how to use it, it’s just deadweight in your pack
Know the wildlife:learn how to identify what flora and fauna could be hazardous to your health before it rattles or becomes a rash
Know your limit: perhaps most importantly, it pays to know what your body can do. Know when to stop, slow down, or turn around
Share the knowledge: after you’ve made all your plans don’t forget to share them with your SPOT contacts. Letting friends and family know your route, how long you plan to be gone, and identifiers like the color of your backpack can help aid search and rescue workers in finding you in an emergency

For more tips, visit¬†¬†and don’t forget to pack your SPOT!

The SPOT Nation is looking for a cover girl (or boy) to fill the empty place where our Facebook cover photo should be. We’re holding a contest and three lucky winners will have their photo featured for a month. Submit your photo of the wild places you take your SPOT, the people you adventure with, or how you use it. The only rule is that your SPOT device must be clearly visible in the image.

Whether it’s hiking, biking, riding, kayaking, camping, or just getting out of the city for a few hours; we want to see it. But you better hurry because you can only submit your photo between August 15th and 30th. Enter Now!

Not a photographer? No worries, you can still participate by voting for your favorite image starting on August 31st.

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