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New Ticket Pricing Structure & Improvements on the Mountain for the 93rd Running of the PPIHC


Tickets for the 93rd Running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Brought to you by Gran Turismo are currently available for purchase on the PPIHC website with a new pricing structure that has created the lowest ticket prices for large groups attending the race since before the turn of the century.

PPIHCOn June 28th, 2015 spectators at the Race to the Clouds will be able to view the race for as little as $30 per person.  There are few events in the world more unique than Spencer Penrose’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb and spectating the event is nothing of the ordinary.  Unlike the majority of the world’s sporting events, the total number of spectators attending the Pikes Peak Hill Climb is not limited to the number of seats available, but the number of vehicles that can park on the mountain.  In an effort to create more opportunities for spectators to enjoy the race, a new ticketing structure has been created with ticket prices reflecting the total number of passengers in a vehicle.


“For 99 years the Race to the Clouds has been a per-person based spectator event,” said Tom Osborne, PPIHC Chairman of the Board.  “We are tenants of Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain one day of the year and with that there is an extremely limited amount of space we are allowed to use for parking on Race Day.  We wanted to develop something that would generate opportunities for more race fans to be able to enjoy this nearly century old American tradition and are confident that this is exactly what our new ticketing structure will do.”


Vehicle Packs Online/Pre-Race Ticket Price Race Day Gateway Ticket Purchases
Single Ticket $60 ($60/ticket) $70 ($70/ticket)
Family 2 Pack $100 ($50/ticket) $120 ($60/ticket)
Family 3 Pack $135 ($45/ticket) $165 ($55/ticket)
Family 4 Pack $160 ($40/ticket) $200 ($50/ticket)
Family 5 Pack $175 ($35/ticket) $225 ($45/ticket)
Family 6 Pack $180 ($30/ticket) $240 ($40/ticket)
Family 7 Pack $210 ($30/ticket) $280 ($40/ticket)
Family 8 Pack $240 ($30/ticket) $320 ($40/ticket)
Single Motorcycle Ticket $30 ($30/ticket) $40 ($40/ticket)
Double Motorcycle Ticket $50 ($25/ticket) $70 ($35/ticket)


BroadmoorIn addition to a new ticketing plan, race organizers have made a conscious effort to improve the fencing situation at the spectator viewing areas and have replaced the six foot chain link fencing used at last year’s race with a four foot pedestrian barrier.

“We’re excited to improve the viewing experience at the spectator areas for this summer’s race,” explained Megan Leatham, PPIHC Executive Director. “We wanted to create an environment where the competitors could focus on what they spend 364 days preparing for, one clean run on the full race course.  We were successful in accomplishing that and the changes were well received by competitors.”

“As a competitor, I could tackle the course without that second level of fear that someone would be standing in an apex or even worse, in an impact zone (the outside of a corner or the end of a braking zone). It cleared my head to some degree that I was racing the road and not human objects in or around the road,” stated PPIHC Veteran and 6-Time Class Winner Jeff Zwart in Jeff Zwart’s Pikes Peak Diary – Reflections on changing times at the Peak published on shortly after last year’s race. “I applaud the organizers for getting the fan side of our race day under control, because nothing would ruin this great event faster than for the fan and racer faction to somehow collide.  I understand that the ‘free roaming’ nature of the spectator experience was compromised this year, but for the event to comfortably go forward, something had to be done, not just to protect the Hill Climb but to protect motorsports in America.”


To read more about Zwart’s reflection on changing times and more visit

In addition to these improvements on the mountain, those not able to attend the 93rd Running of the Race to the Clouds will still be able to follow the action from the comfort of their home.  New for 2015, full race-runs from competitors using onboard cameras will be viewable on the PPIHC YouTube Channel shortly after they reach the summit of America’s Mountain, creating an opportunity for fans near and far to pick and choose who and how they follow the action from Pikes Peak on Race Day.  Viewing these videos in addition to historic content from the PPIHC archives will be free of charge and accessible from the in addition to the PPIHC YouTube Channel.


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