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Swisstrax Flooring Signs Ford Licensing Renewal Agreement

SwisstraxINDIO, CA – Feb. 19, 2015 – Swisstrax®, the manufacturer of “The World’s Finest Modular Flooring”, announces the signing of a three-year Ford licensing renewal agreement that ensures the continuation of producing popular Ford branded flooring and garage accessories products.  An Official Licensed Product of Ford since 2011, Swisstrax offers complete modular flooring solutions for garages, workshops, event spaces and showrooms.

On signing a new multi-year agreement with Ford, Swisstrax President and CEO, Randy Nelson, said, “Swisstrax is proud to be aligned with such an iconic brand and company such as Ford. Our product offering reflects Ford’s high expectations of quality and brand integrity. Swisstrax has positioned themselves to be the ‘World’s Finest Modular Flooring Supplier’ and this relationship confirms our dedication to that statement.”

Among the current Swisstrax manufactured items available in the Ford Collection Flooring catalog are:

  • Swisstrax Ribtrax Tiles – An open-profile designed tile that has continued to be the most popular in the Swisstrax product line due to its versatility, durability and 18-color pallet offering.
  • Swisstrax Rubbertrax Tiles – A product of Swisstrax’s commitment to sustainability, these tiles are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials including rubber tires.
  • Swisstrax Anti-Fatigue Work Mats – Available in a 52”x 34” complete set with finished edges, custom sizes are also available with the choice of 18 edge colors.
  • Swisstrax Car Display Pads – Available in a 9’x8’ single car pad and a 16’x18’ double car pad, the UV stabilized modular tiles can be used in both indoor and outdoor displays.
  • Event Flooring – Showcasing a company at its best, Swisstrax flooring tiles provide a head turning look with the option to customize exhibit designs utilizing several colors. Event flooring pads come standard in 10’x10, 10’x20’ and 20’x20’ sizes with the option for custom sized large exhibits.

Looking ahead, the future of Swisstrax and Ford will continue to strengthen its brand alignment with opportunities to offer additional products through the Ford Collection catalog. Nelson adds, “We will be broadening our range of product offerings to not only the Ford consumer but also the needs of Ford dealerships worldwide. Swisstrax has forged new relationships overseas in countries such as Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and right here in North America. We will be promoting the Ford licensed range of products to all our markets in pursuit of new business and opportunities.”

About Swisstrax
Swisstrax flooring is made in the USA and offers a practical and modern alternative to standard concrete and epoxy garage flooring. The product line, which was first developed in Switzerland over 19 years, was relocated in 2003 to Southern California; for both manufacturing and distribution. Swisstrax distinctive modular flooring has become the flooring of choice for a variety of automobile manufacturers, race teams and retailers. Swisstrax is also a licensed partner of Petty’s Garage, Shelby Automobiles and Barrett-Jackson Auto Auctions.



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