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Supreme Court Re-affirms your First Amendment Right to Support Trails

Supreme CourtTPAC believes the important takeaway from Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision to overturn aggregate campaign finance limits is the re-affirmation of your 1st Amendment Right to support the cause, party, or candidate of your choice.

OHV advocates have found that being engaged in the “administrative” process such as attending travel management meetings, serving as a member on a Federal Advisory Committee, being part of a stakeholder collaborative, writing a comment letter, or heading up a volunteer work day are effective ways to ensure our access to public lands.

However, there is an important “Part 2″ of effective OHV advocacy and that is being engaged in the political process.   Green PACs discovered that decades ago and work hard to support their candidates running for federal office.

TPAC was created in the 2012 election cycle to help give OHV recreationists a seat at the national political table.  Your involvement in the last and current election cycle has been noticed (and appreciated) by candidates who support responsible OHV recreation on federal lands.

By pooling our resources, TPAC and OHV can help support pro-trail candidates in key battleground races.  Trail voters should be encouraged that the recent Supreme Court decision has confirmed their right (TPAC believes it is a duty as well) to be substantively engaged in the electoral process.

TPAC urges you to forward this email to your rider network and ask them to sign up for our email alerts.


TPAC also wants to acknowledge the following post-event donors who wanted to support our “Be a Trailblazer” fundraiser and swelled the list from 40 to 44.  Way to go!

New TPAC Trailblazers

Geoff – Concord, CA

Charlie – San Ramon, CA

Chris – San Carlos, CA

Don – Compton, CA

Thanks again for your support of pro-trail candidates in 2014.

Don Amador, Founder

The Trail PAC



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