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Wizards Products Uses An AXE To Cut Through The Social Media Jungle

Wizards Tire and Wheel CLeanerWizards Products has hired the public relations and brand management agency Social Axe to manage all Wizards Products social media channels. The goal is to expand the reach of the brand and create deeper and more integrated relationships with its customer base.


“We hired Social Axe because we know how to make the world’s best automotive & motorcycle cleaning products, not how to navigate social media,” said Amy Antonsen, President of Wizards Products. “Over the past couple of years, Wizards Products has been adding distributors and gaining market share all across the USA and internationally but our social media presence hasn’t kept pace. That’s why we hired Social Axe.”


Scott Cochran, Brand Manager for Social Axe, said “Wizards Products is well known in the enthusiast niche, and professional market for producing premium cleaning and polishing

products, but hasn’t been able to create a lot of buzz on social media. Finding the right mix of stories and news is how we increase the engagement with a brand’s customers and fans,” said Cochran. “We study the market and constantly test organic and sponsored content while watching other pages and adapting what’s working for our customers.”


Cochran said he’s confident Wizards Products will see a tenfold increase in social media reach by the end of this year.


Contacts: (not for publication)

Scott Cochran, Social AXE 478-299-4601


Amy Antonsen 763-497-5155


Adam Bateman 763-497-5155


About Wizards Products: RJ Star, Inc. was founded in 1986 by John Schlumpberger, a body shop owner of 12 years. Over the next ten years the company gained recognition and a loyal customer base promoting high quality appearance products. By 1996 RJ Star, Inc. had developed and unveiled its own professional appearance care line called Wizards® Products. WIZARDS® offers a unique line of polishes, compounds, and detailers targeting quality minded production shops as well as the show perfectionist. Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible products to create a lasting, show winning shine. Each item is unique, performs excellently and offers great repeat sales with excellent profits for automotive jobbers, body shops, and parts stores.


About Social AXE: Founded in 2010, Social AXE provides social media consulting, advertising, public relations, promotional products and brand management to individuals and companies and corporations of all sizes, both domestic and international.



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