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Use Cross Reference for K&N Heavy Duty Washable Class 4-8 Diesel Replacement Filter

Air FilterA K&N Replacement Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filter is constructed with extra strength and reinforcements to withstand the harsh conditions that can be found in commercial use. K&N Hybrid Dryflow Air Filter media is pleated and placed between two powder-coated aluminum screens which is then held between a top plate or molded urethane end cap and molded urethane seal. These ends are molded into a powder-coated steel cage to help withstand extreme temperatures and pressure. This means that a K&N commercial grade diesel air filter will not collapse or lose its seal under the high levels of compression that may be encountered in large turbo diesel applications.

The robust Dryflow Air Filter media is comprised of lofted non-woven synthetic fibers to create a three-dimensional medium capable of providing high airflow, dirt capacity, and filtration efficiency without sacrificing engine protection. K&N Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filters are designed to improve performance and when air filter restriction becomes too high, simply wash the filter and it’s ready to go again.

K&N Replacement Heavy Duty Diesel Air filters are designed to be easily washed and reused. These filters are nearly indestructible and after applying the special K&N degreaser 99-0638 they can be sprayed clean with pressure washers, and power sprayers. The filter does not even have to be completely dry to be re-installed. K&N replacement Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filters do not require filter oil.

K&NK&N’s commercial grade diesel air filters are backed by a three year/300,000-mile limited warranty.

The easiest way to find the proper K&N Replacement Heavy Duty Diesel Air Filter for your application is by air filter cross reference using the filter you already have. An air filter cross reference should be for comparison of filters with similar dimensions. Also, please keep in mind that some filters are available in either standard or reverse airflow directions. Please call K&N’s customer service department at 1-877-AIR-FILTER for assistance when choosing the appropriate replacement air filter.

Part number 38-2043R is a reverse flow air filter that is 23.563 inches high, with a top outside diameter of 11 inches, a bottom outside diameter of 11.375 inches, and an inside diameter of 6.875 inches. This air filter serves as a direct air filter cross reference for the following filters:

Donaldson P614986
Luber-Finer LAF6986
WIX WA10009




Press Release Supplied By: K&N Filters



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