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This Summers Hot Performance Products for Cars and Trucks

There are two camps of people reading this email right now. Camp 1, is asking why there is a number sign in front of the word performance and camp 2 uses or is aware of Twitter. On Twitter, the social network that allows you to post status updates in 140 characters or less, the number sign is called a hashtag and represents a topic of mass conversation, or in their words, a trend. They even have a section of their website and app dedicated to the most popular trending topics which range from sporting events to the latest Hollywood scandal.

This email, however, is not about Twitter. It is about the products that are trending in the real world of the automotive performance aftermarket. We compiled some of the most exciting, top selling and eagerly awaited products from ACCEL and Mr. Gasket and wrote some articles to get you caught up on what we’re talking about at the track, on the street and at the car shows.

Late Model Coils 140032 SuperCoilss 160 lb Fuel Injectors
Flat Black Dress Up Items Micro Fuel Pump Aluminum Gaskets

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