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Spun Aluminum K&N Air Cleaner Top & Base Kits Available in 14” or 16” Diameter

Air Cleaner TopThe 14-inch round, by 3-inch high air cleaner assembly has been the go-to performance filter choice for carbureted race car, hot rod, muscle car and pickup truck owners for years. This isn’t mere coincidence as K&N’s airflow bench testing has shown that with a typical two and four barrel automotive carburetor, airflow is greater when the diameter of the air filter is large in comparison to its height. This means that an air filter that is 10″ in diameter and 2″ high will generally flow more air than an air filter which is 5″ in diameter and 4″ high. If space permits, you should choose an air filter where the height of the air filter is between 1/5 and 1/4 of the air filter’s diameter.

Oversize Air Cleaner topWhile a 14” round by 3” high air cleaner assembly might be the most common, it might not always work with every intake manifold, carburetor, and hood combination out there. This is why K&N air filters, a leader in performance filter technology, offers air cleaner assemblies in multiple diameters which are compatible with air filters in many different heights. Lightweight K&N spun aluminum air cleaner top and base kits, available in 14” or 16” diameters, are compatible with 5-1/8” mounting flange carburetors and feature a drop base plate which drops the base of the air filter 1-1/2 inches below the carb flange. The drop base design helps to maximize air filter height while still clearing the hood in many custom hot rod, muscle car, or race car applications. Both the lightweight aluminum lid and base is left raw for a unique spun aluminum look and the top plate features K&N logos embossed along the outside edge.

drop base plateK&N 14” round outside diameter lightweight spun aluminum air cleaner top / base kit, number 85-6851, can be paired with a variety of 14” round K&N air filters to meet varying hood clearance limitations as well as airflow requirements. K&N 14” spun aluminum air cleaner kit, 85-6851, will work with 2-5/16” air filter E-3740, 3” air filter E-1650, 4” air filter E-3750, 5” air filter E-3760, 6” air filter E-3770 and several other variations meant for drag racing or off-road racing use.


Air cleaner kitThe oversize K&N 16” round outside diameter spun aluminum air cleaner top / base kit, number 85-6852, is primarily intended for racing and can be paired with a variety of 16” round K&N air filters to meet varying hood clearance limitations as well as airflow requirements. K&N 16” spun aluminum air cleaner kit, 85-6852, will work with race only air filters in 3” height, number E-3022R, 3-1/4” tall, number E-3023R, 3-1/2” tall, number E-3024R, 3-3/4” tall, number E-3025R, and 4” tall air filter, number E-3026R. There are also 16” x 5” and 16 x 6” air filters specifically designed off-road racing use.

See the K&N Racing and Custom Air Filter page for additional racing, hot rod, and muscle car custom air cleaner assemblies. Use the search by vehicle tool on to find additional products for other vehicles. To find a local authorized K&N dealer, use the Find Dealer search function.




Press Release Supplied By: K&N News



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