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Renault Megane RS 250 Suspension Upgrade

Renault megane RS 250SuperPro has released a complete suspension upgrade solution for those who want to enjoy the Renault Megane to the full!


The O.E front lower control arm bushes are soft and suffer from excessive movement under braking and acceleration. SuperPro carefully re-engineered Vertical pivot bushes in the front and rear positions of the front control arm, this combined with an uprated front sway bar tightens the front end up dramatically and all but eliminates the torque steer present in the standard car.


The rear of this vehicle has a beam axle with O.E bushes that are a soft design to allow the vehicle to passive steer from the rear. This is fine for most everyday driving but not ideal in a performance car.


SuperPro re-engineered the beam axle bushes to firm up the rear of this car and added a bolt on Sway bar. This transforms the car from massive understeer through the corners to a far more predictable lift off oversteer.


renault megane rs 250 partsThe end result is a smooth and predictable car, both on the road and on the track. Making the Megane feel like a well sorted front wheel drive performance car. As usual with SuperPro bushings, there is no loss of comfort on the street for the daily driver.


Front Lower Control Arm Front and Rear Bush Kit   SPF3986K

Rear Beam Axle Bush Kit   SPF3984K

Front 24mm 2 Position Adjustable Sway Bar   RC0022FZ-24

Rear 18mm Single Adjustable Sway Bar   RC0022RZ-18



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