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QuickTime Brings Flexplates into the 21st Century with New Modular Design


  • Quick TimeNew design reinvents how flexplates are manufactured
  • 4130 chromoly steel construction twice as strong and 10-percent lighter than OEM-style flexplates
  • Made in the USA
  • Available for small and big-block Chevy and Ford applications


CLEVELAND (February 3, 2015) – QuickTime, a leading manufacturer of high performance drivetrain and bellhousing products, today announced it launched its all-new Modular Flexplate (patent pending) for a wide variety of engines, including small and big-block Chevrolet and Ford. Each application is designed to handle the stresses of high horsepower, high rpm engines.

FlexplateEngineered for unsurpassed strength, accuracy and performance, the Modular Flexplate brings an age-old product into the 21st Century. Since the 1920s, nearly all flexplates have been manufactured using the same method; a high carbon steel ring gear is MIG welded to a low carbon stamped steel center section. This process poses a number of problems, including weak weld joints, warping and metal crystallization, which negatively affects both durability and accuracy. In addition, all ring gears are now coming from off-shore.


QuickTime takes a whole new approach to flexplates by using a laser cut 4130 chromoly steel center section that is joined to 4130 chromoly steel ring gear segments using (18) separate 4130 pins, which are pressed as well as laser welded. This approach results in a SFI 29.1 certified flexplate that is both 10-percent lighter than and twice as strong as OE-style flexplates. In addition, the Modular Flexplates are accurate in every dimension: circumference within .002, Rollout within .010, and balance within 1 gram.


“Nearly every part of a car has evolved, but flexplates have basically been unchanged for close to a century. Just like with our other products, we knew there had to be a better way,” said QuickTime Senior Design Engineer Ross McCombs. “The new Modular Flexplates represent how our products continue to set the standard for drivetrain parts that are strong, safe and perform both on the road and at the track. There is no longer a ring gear to fragment.”


QuickTime Modular Flexplates are made in the USA and are available for 1955-1996 small and big-big block Chevy and Ford applications, starting at an MSRP of $283.95. Additional applications are now being designed, and will be available in the future.


For more information on QuickTime, its complete line of high performance drivetrain and transmission products, or to order online, please visit

BB / SB Chevy (1974-1985)
168 tooth Modular Flexplate for GM 1974-1985
BB / SB Chevy (1974-1985)
153 tooth Modular Flexplate for GM 1974-1985
BB / SB Chevy (1986-1996)
153 tooth Modular Flexplate for GM 1986-1996
SB Ford 5.0 / 5.8
157 tooth Modular Flexplate for SB Ford 5.0 / 5.8
SB Ford 5.0 / 5.8
164 tooth Modular Flexplate for SB Ford 5.0 / 5.8

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· QuickTime – Leading manufacturer and supplier of lightweight bellhousings and flexplates for the racing industry.
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