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Pro Comp 3″ Suspension for International Best Seller – Toyota HiLux

Toyota Suspension Compton, CA – Pro Comp’s latest lift kit for the 2005-2013 Toyota HiLux adds 3 inches of height without the need for steering correction, delivering the perfect combination of features, performance and durability to a truck that sees plenty of action in Australia, the Middle East and throughout Asia.


Included in the K5083B 3-Inch Lift Kit are tuned front coil springs and seats, rear 1.5” lift blocks, longer U-bolts, and ES6000 front and ES9000 rear Nitro charged monotube shocks. By maintaining proper angles on the CV axles, this helps to deliver controlled handling and a comfortable ride. Once equipped with the K5083B, the HiLux’s revised performance and appearance is outstanding.


A complete suspension system, the K5083B will accommodate 285/70R17 tires with a 17” wheel diameter and 8” width, and 4.5”- 5” backspacing. While ride height may vary depending on cab model and driveline configuration, as with all our suspension systems and components, Pro Comp has done its homework to ensure you get the right fit the first time.



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