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NEW Large Diameter Bell Housing Kit

Diameter Bell Housing KitPerformance upgrade. Weddle Industries now stocks large diameter bell housing kits for Mendeola S4D and S5D gearboxes. This bell housing upgrade allows the use of larger diameter (10.4″ and 11″) Weddle clutches. Larger diameter clutches greatly increase holding power. At the same time, they require less clamping force which results in lighter pedal effort, smoother engagement and better drivability. This kit includes:

Bell Housing

Input Shaft

Input Seal

Clutch Cross Shaft Assembly

T/O Bearing Guide Sleeve

Dust Shields


Application: Mendeola S4D and S5D gearboxes

About Weddle Industries:

Weddle Industries specializes in high performance transaxle and driveline components for race and special application vehicles. The company is headquartered in Goleta, California where they design and maintain a large inventory of racing gears, clutches, torque converters, axles, and other high performance driveline products, all of which are available through an extensive dealer network. For additional information, contact Weddle Industries.




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