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Introducin​g Vossen VLE-1 | Welcome To Exclusivit​y


The VLE-1 is the first in a limited-edition series of wheels by Vossen. With only 400
sets produced in two classic finishes, the VLE-1 puts a new twist on Vossen’s
already-established lineup of innovative, concave designs.

WheelsIndividually-numbered center caps demonstrate both the VLE-1’s exclusivity and the
precision craftsmanship that you’ve grown to expect from Vossen. A matching fifth
center cap is included with each wheel set, as a memento of the exclusive
experience that VLE ownership represents.

Each center cap set required unique programming and was CNC machined in our home, Miami, Florida. The caps were then cleaned and underwent three different sanding stages before being hand-brushed and clear-coated. After air-drying a final inspection was done to match the finished quality of each wheel set.


The VLE-1 is a 20-inch directional wheel produced in a variety of bolt patterns and widths. Employing a low pressure casting process, the VLE-1 is both lighter and stronger than its conventional gravity cast counterparts. There are 400 sets crafted in each finish, Gloss Graphite and Silver Metallic.

Retail Price: $2600 | Set of 4


The VLE-1’s limited production sets it apart from most other wheels on the market. Our desire to take it to the next level reigned paramount when it came to creating a custom presentation box. The VLE-1 box has been refined and tailored to cleanly showcase the individually-numbered center caps-even whilst four are installed. Inside the box’s lid is a Certificate of Authenticity as well as a clever hideaway for this lookbook.




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