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GenRight’s Pedal to the Metal Tour and New Products

seat mountsTony Pellegrino gives you an over view of GenRight’s newest products and innovations. We’ve recently released many new products designed for the Jeep JK and we’ve made improvements to some of the products in our TJ line. You’ll also learn the answers to some frequently asked modding questions and hear about some other companies with great products. Watch our February 2014 Product Update video here.

Most JK owners have been stuck with the factory seats, due to a lack of aftermarket JK seat brackets. While developing the “Terremoto” JK for SEMA last year, GenRight created a new set of brackets that allow JK owners to easily bolt in most major aftermarket seat brands.

These new brackets don’t require any cutting or drilling and use the stock locations to securely mount the aftermarket seats in your JK. Our new seat brackets also accommodate the aftermarket seats that have the sliding capability. The mounting brackets are only sold as a pair for the front driver and passenger seats. The rear seats will be released in the near future.

Come See GenRight At Easter Jeep Safari and Jeep Beach!

Tony and the team have two awesome wheeling events that are less that 24 hours from each other! Easter Jeep Safari in Moab UT, and Jeep Beach in Daytona FL which is just around the corner, and GenRight is going to be attending both of them on our “Pedal-To-The-Metal-Jeep-Tour”.

After attending Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, Tony and the GenRight crew will be driving non-stop to Dayton Beach Florida covering over 2,100+ miles in just 24 hours.

Easter Jeep Safari April 13th-20th

axles┬áThe GenRight crew will be all over Moab during this year’s EJS. We’ll have the Triton, Terremoto, and a Bowtie on the trails and at the vendor show for you to go over in detail with our team.

From Sunday the 13th to Wednesday the 16th : Tony will have Terremoto at Potato Salad at 4:30 afternoon. Stop by and say hi, then watch the crazies break their junk!

Tuesday the 15th: Tony will be leading a trail ride at the Crawl Readers ride in Area BFE. He’ll be doing the Green Day and Minor Threat trails.

We’ll also have our booth at the vendor show on Thursday and we’ll be having a party at Grandpa’s Garage starting at 7pm, 4/17/14 Thursday night. All are invited, if you have GenRight parts on your Jeep be sure to RSVP for our pre-party Thursday to if you plan to attend.

Thursday & Friday the 17th-18th: We’ll have our booth set up at the Arena for the vendor show.

We’ll have the RV parked at Grandpa’s Garage so come by anytime and say hello.

The GenRight booth will be set up at the EJS Vendor Show on Thursday and Friday so stop by and see some of our Jeeps, check out our new products, and get answers to all your questions.

Jeep Beach April 23rd-27th

GenRight will be back at Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach Florida! This is our second venture out to see our friends on the East Coast, and show them how the west coast wheels.

If you are anywhere near Daytona Beach in April you owe it to yourself to check out Jeep Beach. Last year there were over 1,200 Jeeps in the beach parade on Sunday morning!! Come meet GenRight and find out what we’re all about.

RCV Ultimate Axles for TJ & JK’s

linksGenRight has just started carrying RCV Ultimate axle shafts for your Jeep TJ & JK with a Dana 30 or 44 axle. These shafts are twice as strong as stock U-joint shafts and are guaranteed for life! These are the same RCV axle shafts that we use on our #4485 Pro Class race car in the King of the Hammers race.

Stock axle shafts are vulnerable at extreme angles with the joint straining as it tries to turn large wheels. The RCV Ultimate axle shafts are just as strong straight as they are at extreme angles thanks to their interlocking ball bearing design. Where the stock axles would fail, these RCV axle shafts can handle the strain put on them during the most difficult rock-crawling maneuvers.

GenRight Rocks Tierra Del Sol

Despite some crazy weather, the 52nd annual Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari was a blast. TDS got only a few drops of rain during the entire event with 40mph winds gusting through. Even so, this didn’t stop the GenRight team from taking out the #4485 Pro Class race car, Jordan’s #4585 Mod Class TJ, and our “Terremoto” JK and trying out the obstacle course.

Tony took spectators on rides in the race car throughout the weekend, only stopping when the course became too dark to drive. Once in the car, passengers got to experience the thrill of racing through the desert and dominating the rocks of the course. At the end of the event Tony had given 40+ rides and used up all the 50 gallons of fuel the team had brought.

It was the largest event that TDS has ever had with over 1,500 Jeeps registered to wheel through the trails and many more spectators attending the festivities. Saturday night’s festivities were capped off by the GenRight sponsored fireworks display. A great time was had by all!

Factor 55’s New Flat Link

Using hooks to keep a 5,000 lbs Jeep from rolling back down an obstacle presents many challenges some of which are potentially dangerous. The hook can slip off the tree saver straps, poke a hole through material or break under the pressure.

Factor 55 has created a product that eliminates the chance of slipping or damaging the straps altogether with their new Flat Link shackle mount. The Flat Link securely attaches to your winch cable, and then uses a shackle to connect to the rest of your winching equipment. No kinks, no chance of slippage, and it eliminates the dangers of using hooks while winching through obstacles.

HPS Silicone Hoses for TJ & JK

HPS has created a line of specially formulated silicone hoses designed to improve the efficiency of your engine. They have several kits for your radiator, and heater in several different colors. These hoses are reinforced to prevent weakening or splitting from the high temperatures in your engine.

Using HPS Silicone hoses, you will improve the life of your rig and ensure that there are no leaks from your heater or radiator. We use these same hoses on Tony’s Pro Class #4485 race car to help keep the engine cool and running smooth in the King of the Hammers race!

GenRight’s Mid-Level Jeep JK “Triton”

The Triton is GenRights mid-level Jeep, designed to show what you can do with a realistic budget and a good build plan. The GenRight mid-level Jeep build is for the guy that needs a dedicated daily driver but still wants to be able to take it on a Rubicon type trail.

We built the Triton with 37″ Falken M/T’s, RCV Axle shafts, and all aluminum GenRight body armor. This keeps the JK light and doesn’t kill your mpg the same way steel would, but still protects your Jeep on the trail.

We’ll be taking the Triton to many of the Jeep Jamboree events this year to prove that this street legal JK can perform great on offroad trails all over the US. You can also see this JK at Easter Jeep Safari, Jeep Beach, or on our galleries page.

GenRight Sponsors 2014 Jeep Jamboree USA

GenRight is now an official sponsor of the Jeep Jamboree USA series of events! These are an awesome set of events for the new Jeeper that takes them on trails and introduces them to the offroading life style.

Tony and Team GenRight will be attending many of these runs throughout the year with our own mid-level Triton JK. The Triton was built to show the average wheeler what you can do with the right parts and a moderate budget.

GenRight 4×4 Night March 21st

4×4 Night is coming up again March 21st! Plan to bring your rig to your local 4×4 night and meet one of our GenRight hosts. They’ll introduce you to other local off-roaders. You can enjoy good food and share stories from the trail in a relaxed, family fun atmosphere. Visit GenRight’s 4×4 Night page for exact location details.


If you’re interested in hosting a 4×4 night in your town, just email Corey at to get more information.




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