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Ford Raptor Performance Brake Kit for 17inch Wheels

Looking for the next upgrade for your Ford F150 or Ford Raptor truck?

Baja Proven, Baja Tested video:

While we all focus on bigger or better shocks and tires, we find the next problem that we all face, now I can go faster but how do I slow down when I need to? We have all seen these trucks being “used” and after a while the stock brake package can fade with excessive abuse and heavy towing. While the stock Ford brake package is great and works well on these trucks some of us that are Ford Raptor Performance Brake Kit for 17inch Wheelspushing the envelope need a little more. The engineering team at Addictive Desert Designs and leader in brake technology Alcon got together to design a new kit for the Ford F150 and Ford Raptor trucks. This isn’t a bunch of thrown together parts laying around the back shop, it is the only kit designed from the ground up for these trucks with performance in mind. The long racing history found in the Alcon brand brings tremendous technology to the truck community. From their history in NASCAR to their race proven brakes found in Trophy Trucks the Alcon technology puts them on top of the brake industry. Over a year in the making and testing this Raptor Brake Update kit is the best on the market and the only kit designed to work with in a 17″ wheel and without using nonstandard wheel offsets that stress the steering on these trucks.

The all new Alcon brake upgrade kit was built with performance in mind for the demanding driver. Using race quality parts for the best performance brake package available anywhere for the Ford Ford Raptor Performance Brake Kit for 17inch WheelsF150 and Ford Raptor trucks. This kit is a direct replacement kit that features a 6 opposing piston front caliper giving you about 30% more brake pad area in the front alone. Combine that with the rear 4 opposing piston caliper which also gives a much larger pad area for better grip and more controlled braking.

We recently took one of these new kits down to Baja and ran the Trail of Missions trip with Cameron Steel and the Desert Assassins. This trip was 1600 miles of grueling Baja Mexico through every type of terrain you can imagine including 100 MPH runs down some of the remote dirt roads. The Alcon brake kit performed flawless on the trip proving out the durability of the kit and the final step in the testing process making them ready for you to install today. We challenge you to find any other brake upgrade kit for these trucks that have seen the engineering and testing that this kit has had.

Find more detailed information on this all new Brake Kit:


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