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Diesel Pickup Replacement Fuel Filter Line from K&N Meets OEM Performance Specs


A diesel fuel filter serves to screen out dirt and debris particles moving from a vehicle’s fuel tank, through the pump, and into the fuel injection Fuel Filtersystem. A fuel filter is usually found in the fuel line after the fuel tank, but before the fuel pump. If the fuel were left unfiltered these fine particles, of rust, dirt, scale, and other foreign materials would cause rapid wear to the fuel pump and fuel injectors because of their rough grainy qualities. This could lead to eventual fuel pump or injector failure and a vehicle that will not run.

Replacing a diesel pickup’s fuel filter is part of routine vehicle maintenance. If a fuel filter is not replaced at the manufacturer’s recommended service interval it could become clogged and cause enough restriction in the fuel flow to reduce engine performance or struggle to maintain normal operation. Additionally, use and regular maintenance of a fuel filter can maintain factory performance and fuel economy. The less restriction found in the fuel system, and fewer GMC Sierracontaminants, the more efficiently an engine can run.

K&N diesel pickup fuel filters are a direct factory replacement filter and offer your engine the protection and quality expected from the makers of the World’s Best Air Filter™. The high-performance cellulose glass media removes contaminants such as rust, dirt, scale and other foreign materials, providing excellent fuel system protection. K&N diesel pickup fuel filters are specifically designed to keep your engine running clean and smooth even in harsh conditions.

K&N diesel pickup fuel filters will replace a vehicle’s factory diesel fuel filter and are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. The fuel Replacement Fuel Filterfilter housing, where applicable, is made from high-strength carbon steel and powder coated for corrosion resistance. The high efficient, high capacity design is rated at 80 gallons per hour flow rates. The SAE J2044 compliant fuel connectors and rolled seams, where applicable, exceed OEM pressure requirements. These quality factory replacement K&N diesel pickup fuel filters are backed by a 90-day replacement warranty. K&N® diesel pickup fuel filters deliver performance and confidence!

Not all diesel pickups are equipped with a replaceable fuel filter. Check your vehicle owner’s manual to see if your vehicle is equipped with a serviceable fuel filter and for the proper replacement intervals. To find a K&N diesel pickup replacement fuel filter for your vehicle, use the search by vehicle tool at





Press Release Supplied By: K&N Filters



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