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Diablo Sport First to Market 2014 GM Truck

Delray Beach, FL:

DiabloSport is out to quicken your pulse with our world-famous tunes for the brand new 2014 GM Gas Truck. Whether working in the fields, hauling a heavy load to the job site, or simply driving to the office, DiabloSport has stepped up and delivered “Power You Can Feel.”

inTune 2014 GM 1500 5.3 L Information

inTune really improves the 2014 GM Truck; tunes included are 87 octane tune, MPG Booster Tune, and the Diablo tune, which should be used with octane higher than 91. Increases of up to 15 hp and 20 ft lbs of torque can  be seen across the entire RPM range with the Diablo Tune.


Our tunes are calibrated specifically to improve performance, drivability, and economy and reduce the factory’s power-robbing “torque management” to put more power to the ground when you need it. Other options include TCM (Transmission Control Module) control to adjust automatic shift characteristics, DOD (Active Fuel Management) disable, speedometer adjustment for gear and tire changes, and raising speed and rev limiters. 

Visit  to learn everything about the inTune, and the DiabloSport world famous “canned” tunes.


Diablo Sport

Firmware updates for the inTune will be available as a free automatic download when plugged in to any PC with USB and an internet connection. inTune updates are also available through drag and drop installation on Macintosh OSX Computers.      


inTune I-1000 is available at all major automotive retailers for an MRP of
$ 389.

About DiabloSport:

DiabloSport is an automotive performance electronics manufacturer based in Delray Beach, Florida specializing in OBD-II tuning, diagnostics, and vehicle calibration. Since the year 2000 DiabloSport has offered specialized tuning devices for most major latemodel domestic cars and trucks. Whether gas or diesel powered, DiabloSport products are designed to maximize the performance, economy, and drivability by programming a vehicle’s ECU or plugging in to factory engine harnesses.


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