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BMW 1 & 3 Series Alloy Arm Upgrade

BMW Control Arm E81, E82, E87, E88, E90, E91, E92

SuperPro have developed and released the Front Arms for the BMW in response to the need for an upgrade to the standard OEM style rubber bushings and ball joint. The 1 Series shares its platform with the larger 3 Series and both have become popular as a tuner car, particularly the bigger horsepower cars. This has uncovered a few issues with what is a very good chassis. The front cross member/ cradle assembly and control arms are made of rigid aluminium and provide a solid platform to build a well handling car.

Both of these vehicles run fairly aggressive caster from the factory, but with no adjustability. The new SuperPro arms allow for adjustment to achieve caster “split” and allow for “tune ability” to really make this chassis perform. The importance of being able to adjust caster independently on each side of the vehicle becomes apparent when these vehicles start to drift with the camber of the road. This can be eliminated by utilising the caster adjustment to alter the setback to achieve the desired result. In addition, the OEM bushings are fairly soft and the SuperPro bushings minimise the dynamic caster change and increase stability under braking.

The SuperPro Alloy Lower Control Arm is fitted with a camber adjustable SuperPro Bushing to complete the package. All the SuperPro bushings are cotton reel style, which allows full articulation and movement without binding and with no increase in noise, vibration or harshness.
ALOY0005K Complete Alloy Control Arm Kit – includes Radius and Front lower Control Arms.

  • Both the Front Lower Control Arm and the Radius Arm are a complete arm replacement and include SuperPro Bushings and a ball joint
  • The Control Arm is “on car” camber adjustable
  • The Control Arm allows for up to 1 degree camber change
  • The Radius Arm is “on car” adjustable
  • The Radius Arms allow for up 0.8 Degrees caster increase or decrease
  • Kit includes a spanner to adjust both Lower Control arms and Radius arms



Press Release Supplied By: Graham at SuperPro

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